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Yoga & Kite

Combining yoga and kitesurfing you will get the benefits of stretching and strengthening your muscles to prepare them for kitesurfing. Each day will start with Meditation and Pranayama breathing exercises followed by Vinyasa Flow Yoga. During the day you will learn kiteboarding and experience this beautiful island from a different perspective. In the evening we will calm the mind and relax the body through guided meditations and relaxation exercises. This retreat is suitable for yoga and kitesurfing Newbies, as well as for more advanced practitioners.


7-13 March 2020, 14-20 March 2020,

21-27 March 2020 , 28-3 April 2020


  • yoga, 7 nights accomodation bungalow single occupation+ fullboard- 630 Euro, double occupation 455 Euro
  • yoga, 7 nights accomodation glamping single occupation 490 Euro, double occupancy glamping 620 Euro


Kitelesson 9 hours private Course beginner/advanced OR 7 day kiterental 350 Euro


Mt. Iglit Climb

A mix of Africa and Asia waits to be discovered in Mt. Iglit Nationalpark. Travellers who trek to this remote area may be rewarded with a sighting of the elusive wild tamaraw, the Philippines’ endangered native buffalo. The national park is made up of sweeps of grassland (the favoured habitat of the tamaraw), Mangyan slash-and-burn areas, and forested ridges. Conservation efforts within the park are paying off: tamaraw counts have risen steadily over the last several years, from 253 animals in 2002 to 401 in 2017. A 2 day hike with a night on top of the mountain , cooking on the campfire and stargazing at night. This mountain is one of our faourite ones in the Philippines. Get surprised- the views are stunning! At the peak you can see Mt. Baco and the surrounding mountains; as well as the northern part of Sulu Sea; even Apo Reef – a tiny speck in the ocean.Pack warm cloth - it can get chilly at night. Normal fitness required- you should be able to walk 10km a day.


2 day trip incl. guide, meals, drinks and nationalparkfee 3500 PHP