Never stop discovering- Kitesafaris & Daytrips

Amihan Explorer Kitesafari

 Join a group of like-minded kitesurfers and local islander crew to set off on an adventure of a lifetime hunting the wind and kiting remote islands, deserted beaches, lagoons and sandbars in an idyllic tropical setting. Exact accommodation will vary from night to night, depending on where the tour takes you in tents or bamboo bungalows on the beach. This tour is the right one if you want to kite evry day another spot. Islands we can go to are: Buyayao, Suguicay, Libagao, Nagubat, Semirara, Aslom, Target, Sibolo.


Dates:  23 Feb. 2020 - 26 Feb. 2020 09 Mar. 2020 - 13 Mar. 2020 

Eventprice per Person 4 nights everything incl. 475 Euro

Island Hopping Daytrip by Kite

There are plenty of islands around Bulalacao. Kite some of them, hike some of them and do a picnic on the beach.  A perfect day out to discover Bulalacao and around by kite and boat. Lunch and drinks incl. 50 Euro

Libagao & Nagubat Daytrip

We start early morning to nearby Libagao by boat. From there we do a downwind by kite to a tiny island which is perfect for kiting. On - and offshore area with flat water and strong wind. We do a BBQ with the fish the fishermen caught in Libagao once we reach the Nagubat and have plenty of time to kite there before we head home into the sunset. Don't miss this trip if you are in Bulalacao. Price per person everything incl. 50 Euro