Amansinaya Glamping

Our Kitecamp is very special- we live here and we look forward to welcome guests and new friends.

The Amansinaya Resort has only 5 bungalows and 6 luxury furnished safaritents for 2020/2021 season. Glamping (glamourous camping) is an eco/ sustainable tourism model that can realise structures integrated into the environment, eco-friendly but with comfortable furniture. We grow a lot of our food or get it from the farms nearby and get the locals involved to help us with the camp. The Mangyan villages are our neighbours and they are happy to give you an insight into their everyday life too.

Each bungalow has been elevated to give you a nice view of the ocean and clearance from the sand that can fly due to high winds. The open air washroom gives you a novel experience: shower under the stars! A verandah has been included for you to relax in privacy. All bungalows and glamping tents will be stand alone and will have mosquito nets.


Enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the beach from your terrace. All bungalows have an outdoor private bathroom and toilets.


single occupation: 70 Euro per person, double occupation: 50 Euro per person

included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, water, coffee and tea, Internet, kitegear storage,  rescues and help on the beach

Each tent has all the amenities as in a bungalow, however you are in an actual 25 sqm tent


single occupation: 55 Euro per person, double occupation: 40 Euro per person

incl: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, water, coffee and tea, internet ,kitegear storage, boat rescues and help on the beach

The choice for budget travellers - book your hammock protected from the wind and rain- but enjoy the rest of the amenities of the resort. You get a private locker for your luggage and have a shared bathroom . 

hammock, blanket and locker, fullboard, water, tea, coffee, kitestorage: 30 Euro/ night/ person