We are starting into our second season- the Amihan is back

We are starting into our new season and as we discovered a lot around- we are happy to show you our favourite kitespots nearby- you got the choice of downwindtrips, islands, sandbars, kitesafaris. There will be a Yoga-Kite-Retreat in from 4-10th of March, so if you want to disconnect and just enjoy a week in nature- reserve your place. Dont miss the Mt. Iglit climb or the trek to the source of the waterfall, passing the tribal Mangyan Villages. 

Travel gets easier- as Philippine airlines started to go daily from Clark/Luzon to San Jose/MIndoro and Fastcat ferry is just about to start their connection Bulalacao to Coron. For people who want to kite different spots- the travel between re-opened Boracay, our spot and the spots in Coron gets easy now. See you soon on the island