Amansinaya Glamping

Barefoot luxury and hammock lifestyle

The Amansinaya Resort has  5 bungalows and 6 luxury furnished glampingpods, as well as a dorm, hammockspace and treetents for the low budget travelers. 

We grow a lot of our food or get it from the farms nearby and get the locals involved to help us with the camp. The Mangyan villages are our neighbours and they are happy to give you an insight into their everyday life too.

Each bungalow has a nice view of the ocean. The open air washroom gives you a novel experience: shower under the stars! 

All meals are included in the roomprices. Accomodation comes with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast and lunch are a buffet and dinners are set menu consisting of soup/salad, maindish and desert. Of course and vegan/vegetarians options are available.



Enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the beach from your terrace. You can jump from your bed on your board. All bungalows have an outdoor private bathroom and toilets.


Price per night: single occupation: 3700 PHP per person, double occupation: 2500 Php per person

included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, water, coffee and tea, Internet, kitegear storage,  rescues and help on the beach

Glamping Pods


Each glamping pod has all the amenities as in a bungalow, however you are in an actual 25 sqm hut with 360 degree view. Bathrooms are shared in a nearby showerhouse


single occupation: 2800 PHP per person, double occupation: 2000 PHP per person

incl: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, water, coffee and tea, internet ,kitegear storage and help on the beach

Hammock, Dorm and Treetents

The choice for budget travellers - book your hammock or dorm capsule bed protected - but enjoy the rest of the amenities of the resort. You get a private locker for your luggage and have a shared bathroom . 


Price per night: 1600 PHP/  person incl. hammock, blanket and locker, fullboard, water, tea, coffee, kitestorage and help on the beach