The next Kitespot is only a downwinder away

Beginner Downwind Suguicay

Only 3 km from us- we go by boat and discover the beautiful island and kite back to Bislig. For people who never did a downwind. Incl. transport, rescue boat following, guide 1200 PHP/ half day

Liwagao + Nagubat

Our bestseller- an daytrip to the most beautiful spots of the area- Liwagao and Nagubat. You can go by boat or kite 15 km with crosswind, BBQ on the island, followed by a downwind to Nagubat, a tiny Robinsonisland. You can do spotkiting in the lagoons of both islands and come back with sunset 2000 PHP


If Bislig is not kiteable in lowtide , Aslom is a beautiful sandbar, that is always kiteable. Its about 20 km on a nice downwind passing Maasin island. This one is for experienced kiters only. Half day trip, transport back+ drinks and pizza on the way back incl. 1200 PHP

Maasin Sunset

You will leave Bislig Beach around 3pm and enjoy cruising the waves on a downwind to Maasin. Its the locals highlight when kiters arrive there. So arrive one who comes by kite to the island gets celebrated. We walk about 400m to the other side of the island and have a drink while watching the sunset. 1200 PHP per person incl. transport back and the drink

Buktot to Bislig

Another ocean adventures for experienced riders. We start north of Bislig and kite back. No spotkiting- it’s a long adventurous downwind 20km of open sea, passing Buyayao and its white sand beaches following the coastline Mindoros from north to south. We drive by car to Buktot beach and kite back to Bislig and stop on the way in Suguicy for a coconutjuice and to discover the island 1000 PHP