The Spot

How did we find the spot? We searched for a whole year - where you could find guaranteed wind in the Philippines, where you can easily travel too and where there is a shallow bay easy to learn for beginners with side on shore wind. Our tools- windy and googlemaps. Welcome to Bislig Beach: flat water  with loads of space on the water and the most reliable wind the Philippines has to offer- a little bit stronger then on kiters top spot Boracay, which is only 50 km away! The wind conditions here are heavenly from November to April. The beginner kite spot is situated right outside your bungalow/glamping tent. Set out, pump and off you go Kitesurfing! Outside of the reef you have deep water and you can go on long downwinders to 8 different islands outside by wing or kite. You can do downwinders or daytrips to one of the  islands nearby: the choice of kitespots is yours.

Kitecourses & Rentals

Fast learning success combined with loads of fun. Our lessons are taught by experienced Instructors. We teach with the standard of  VDWS (Verband deutscher Wassersport Schulen). We teach both sports in the conditions needed - flat water without waves. Kitesurfing we teach in shallow waste deep water. Wingfoiling in deep water, not to get worried about reefs or sandbars.
At the end of the course you will receive an international license to justify your level. Once certified, you will be able to rent gear in any Watersportscenter worldwide. The equipment is checked daily for your safety! We fly latest 2024 North Gear.


Lesson Type  Details  Duration & Price
Beginner Level 1 Theory, Kitesetup, Kitecontrol, Water Relaunch, Bodydrag 

3 hours 1:1

7000 PHP

Beginner Level 2


Bodydrag, Body Dragging , Board recovery, self rescue, water start theory & practise

3 hours 1:1

7000 PHP

Beginner Level 3 Water Start, Board Control, Upwind Riding, Transitions, Coaching and feedback

3 hrs  1:1 

7000 PHP

Beginner Level 1-3


Includes Level 1-3, Kite Setup and Control, Body Dragging, waterstarts, Coaching and feedback, VDWS License


9 hrs 1:1, 

20.000 PHP

Advanced Course Instruction package. We check your level and continue from there, incl. videoanalysis

1 hour 1:1

3000 PHP

 All lessons include equipment. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses!!!


Lesson Type  Details  Duration & Price
Beginner Level 1 Theory, Wingsetup, how to carry the gear and Winghandling on a SUP, riding all directions and turns

2 hours 1:1

7000 PHP


Beginner Level 2

Learn to use the Wing with a foilboard, the goal of this course is to foil your first meters

2 hours 1:1

9000 PHP


Advanced Course


Do you want to improve your wingfoiling, stuck to learn the jibe, tack or toeside riding- we will work on it together

1 hr  1:1 

5000 PHP


We teach you the foiling without the wing behind a boat and combine wing and foil board when you manage the foiling and the wing on a SUP Board.

All lessons include equipment. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses!!!

Gear Rental

We rent latest North equipment from 2023 and 2024. Gear rentals are only possible with a valid international license for safety reasons. Kitesizes are available from 5 to 15 m, boards 133-160cm , wings 2.9 to 6m North wings and boards JP Australia hardboards from 45l-160 l 

  1/2 day 1 day 1 week
Full set kite 2100 PHP 3500 PHP 18.000 PHP
Kite size of your choice 1600 PHP 2700 PHP 13.000 PHP
Board 700 PHP 1000 PHP 5000 PHP
Harness 300 PHP 600 PHP 3500 PHP
Full set wingfoil 3000 Php 3500 PHP 18.000 PHP
Wing size of your choice 1600 PHP 2700 PHP 8000 PHP
Wingfoilboard 2500 PHP 3000 PHP 11.000 PHP
The equipment is checked daily for optimal safety and learning experience