Imagine Robinson Crusoe would have had a Kite

Dates for the season 2024/2025 coming soon

Because we love islands! Join a group of like-minded kitesurfers or wingfoilers and local islander crew to set off on an adventure of a lifetime hunting the wind and kiting remote islands, deserted beaches, lagoons and sandbars in an idyllic tropical setting.
Exact accommodation will vary from night to night, depending on where the tour takes you in tents or bamboo bungalows on the beach.


This tour is the right one if you want to kite every day another spot, if you are an experienced kiter or wingfoiler- that is not scared to travel to open sea.

You need to have your own gear for this trip and must  be on a level, where you are able to kite without problems upwind, downwind and able to do a selfrescue in deep water.

Islands we go to on the safari: Buyayao, Suguicay, Libagao, Nagubat, Semirara, Aslom, Target, Sibolo.


We can organize private Trips for your group, please email us


  *Beginners we recommend to use Bislig beach as a base and to go on daytrips to the islands from there.